Program Stats

Catalyst contribution towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals



up to 12

Months Acceleration


Equity Stake



Direct funding

Case by-case consideration


Invested to date

1000+ entities

In Masdar Free Zone

How we support startups?

Mentoring in Business Development

Catalyst team and Mentors provide expertise

Strategic Planning

Market readiness, Product development, ROI strategy

Office and Lab Space

Tailored infrasructure for startup requirements

Legal Affairs & Human Resources

NDAs, MOU, SHA, Franchise agreement etc. review and advice, Organisational Chart Planning, Job description creation

Marketing and Public Relations

Through social media channels, exhibitions/events and articles


Networking with similar accelerators and incubators locally and internationally

Roadmap to Success

What we offer
  • Develop a world leading clean technology accelerator focused on sustainable growth
What we offer
  • • Promote innovation & entrepreneurship within UAE followed by world.
  • • Develop human capital through comprehensive training and mentorship
What we offer
  • Generate social impact through local research & development

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Catalyst Testimonials

Working with the Catalyst makes us easier to find new partners, participate in useful events and exhibitions which increase professional skill level and contribute to the development of the company holistically.

Aleksandr Kiianitsa

Our network has grown from 52 laboratories in 19 countries to 392 laboratories in 72 countries after our engagement with The Catalyst. QS Monitor has improved its online platform, added new features, and revamped its website. We have implemented a social media plan and activated our social media platforms We have developed projects with B2B and B2C food trading and delivery platforms within UAE. We have won Food Tech Challenge by the Ministry of Water and Food Security and Tamkeen.

Burak Karapinar

Catalyst was the first to believe in our project at a very early stage and has provided us with a facility where we were able to set our R&D operations and our Proof of Concept. Being part of the Catalyst Accelerator Program has allowed us to evolve in a stimulating environment surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs.

Dr. Haythem Riahi

Catalyst in Social Media