What is catalyst?

Individuals or SMEs with ideas is strongly urged to fill the Application Form Your application will be followed by an NDA between Catalyst and your organization. If you are not an SME, we will sign the NDA including your and your stakeholders name(s)

What type of support does the owner receives?

Catalyst, having the two shareholders MASDAR & BP, provides immeasurable priceless support in terms of: 

  1. Mentoring in business development,
  2. Strategic planning,
  3. R&D, testing and commissioning,
  4. Legal affairs, 
  5. Marketing and public relations, 
  6. ICT,
  7. Human resources,
  8. Web design and content management
  9. Accomodation; if the idea owner has to relocate from his or her own country to U.A.E.
  10. Sales management; meeting organizations with potential clients of concentrated field.
  11. Funding, depending on the budget requested to start “The Company” in Masdar Free Zone.

What happens after evaluation?

Once the NDA is signed, we arrange a pre-investment meeting with the applicant. We handle all applications very seriously; the reason behind the value of opinions, is that there is always a room to grow with a derivative business.

Any support period?

Catalyst members are selected depending on how to accelerate their idea within timely manner, since each cycle is 6 months. By the end of the acceleration, Catalyst organizes a “Demo Day” with all potential investors present. Once evaluated, only space is the limit.

What are the key areas we need to focus before applying?

Catalyst is a seed idea accelerator funding mechanism supporting ideas on smart clean technologies with integrated A.I. and/or smart businesses that utilize clean technologies.

All About Us

You are the brain, You are the seed idea owner and perhaps You will be the next generation of big data analytics AI system architect or clean technology hardware surgeon of 21st Century.
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